Tourism Licence No: 946/065

First time bungy Jumping in Pokhara

First time bungy Jumping in Pokhara

There are newly lunched bungy jumping  first time in Pokhara by High ground adventure. Officially, it is opened from 23rd.September.2014 for adventure lovers to operate.

The jump is made from a tower.  Bungy jumpers plunge from a height of 70 metres over an artificial pond. A boat picks them up after completing the jump and helpers unharnessed them. The bungy cord is sturdy and made with modern technology.  The place is also perfect as people can enjoy the scenery of the Himalaya and other natural beauty.

The first jumper was a local Prakash Chandra Sapkota who said he enjoyed it even though he had some fear initially.

Bungy Jumping Facility can handle 30-40 persons daily. Prices have been fixed at Rs 3,490 for Nepalis and USD 72 for foreigners per jump.